Content update 1.27 "Angelo"

Hello friends!

How have you been? :)
Today, we’re back with an update for all routes + an extra, longer update for Cami!

Thank you for following the story and for leaving sweet comments, they really help us continue Mannequin Academy in this difficult - both mentally and financially - time. 

Stay safe and we hope you enjoy the time spent with our lovely omega roommate ;)

As a bonus - a new sprite for Angelo, professor St. Clair’s son!

- Additional 2000 words, mainly Cami’s route
- A new sprite for Angelo
- Some text errors fixed


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I'm not caught up yet since I have some other things going on, but just seeing the new art is nice 💖 You guys rock. Thanks for all the content.

That's totally understandable, thank you for following the story! We have a new release coming up soon, so there's even more work than usual. Have a great day:)

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I'm only about 2 hours in right now, but I'm loving it so far and I'm definitely excited to play more! The writing is great and the CGs and background art especially look amazing!

You're doing great work! Good luck and take care of yourselves! ^^

Hi there and thank you so so much for leaving a sweet comment!<3 We hope you continue to enjoy the story :) 

Loved the update very much! The cooking part was just so precious and I really couldn't hold back a very high pitched "awwwww" - very much adorbs. I'm so in love with this game...❤. Anyway, keep up the good work but I don't want you to pressure yourself! :) Take your time and good health is more important - still I am very very excited. :)

It felt great to write something cute for once! I think they all deserve it, my precious poor babies;)

Love your comments, thank you so much <3 <3 

Truly love the game, I finally had time to put into playing it recently and I played all of the routes until where they currently end. Loved the plot, can't wait for more! I especially want to find out what happens with Noah's route now...😭😭😭 and also Laurent's route...can't wait for more😆! The art is truly beautiful, keep up the great work!

Hi Le! Great that you decided to play the game:) So happy that you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your words!

Is there finally a sex scene cg for cami?

Hi. Do you have plans to release your game on Steam?

Hi, no definite plans for releases on other platforms yet.