Content update 1.06 (Restart Required!)

Update 1.06

In this update: Please RESTART your game! 

The character routes are about to start soon, and if you don’t restart the game, you won’t be able to continue playing and will see error messages instead. To skip the text you’ve already read and get to the new content faster, check ‘Skip unseen text’ in Options and then press ‘Skip’ while playing.

From now on, there won’t be a need to restart your game ever again - so don’t worry, the hassle is over! Phew. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Additional 4000+ words
- New CGs
- New characters appear :O!

- Minor text and timing fixes


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Apr 11, 2020

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So I was playing the game and in the middle of it a Blondie showed up and said "You're an omega" then the game returned me back to the home screen, is something wrong?

Hi! No, that's the end of the update. There will be more soon:)!

Alright, when are you going to update though?  I'm really interested, the story is rich and I'm having high expectation. Really love Sasha and Louis. My favorite character is Noah UwU

New update is live now, enjoy!:) <3 Finally someone likes Noah the most, yay! :D

My heart is broken for Sasha, poor baby.
And then there's Gilbert ... I can't trust this guy. It may just be a boy in love, but something stinks.
Glad the specific routes are about to start! Can not wait.

We are super excited about the routes as well!:D And yes, Sasha... our love </3