Content update 1.08

Update 1.08 

Hi everyone! This is a major update in which character routes start. 
The routes available are: 
- Noah 
- Nor & Esha
- Julien 
- Cami 
- Laurent
(every route will have multiple endings at the end of the game!)

WARNING for: mentions of sexual assault, violence, omega misogyny.
This update is for adults only as it deals with possibly upsetting, sensitive themes. 

The scene ahead has 6 different versions depending on your previous choices. Good luck unlocking them all and let us know if you succeeded!

- additional 8500+ words 
- Laurent’s character sprite was reworked
- new CGs
- scene in which Laurent watches Aura from the staircase now has a CG
- individual character routes 


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May 01, 2020

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I can't wait for the walkthrough, i've played through about 3 times now with different choices and still no one shows up ): 

Hi! It's right here:) Enjoy!

thank you!

thank you!

Okey! Wow okey..first offff my GOD Noah and Julien!!!! Like i wasss sooo glad when they came in their own way! And GOD the clifffff ending with Laurent made me so disturbed. Guess he was one of the genders i guessed before all alone, so im glad i guessed right on that! However what the `````` was that??? Dude either you save my sweet omega ass or get the fuck away from me -_- like srsly you dont flirt with someone that gave me a bad ending! (Okey? hot dude!). No but the CG offff Aura was soooo pretty, like i was damn is that who i am playing right now! I WILL BECOME A QUEEN! Like my eyes and lashes ufffffff I should lure some rich ass Alpha and become set for life and then i was hit with the fact that Noah is gonna be my sugar daddy for life, since he is afterall from a rich and powerfull family and all that. However i think i might need to get rid of the dumb stupid candy looking blond first, since im 80% sure he is her fiance at this point. Keep up the great work! Cant wait for the next update <3 <3 <3


Hi Rose! Thank you so much for playing the update and for leaving such a great comment<3 When we read it, we immediately felt like working on Mannequin Academy right this second to bring an update faster :)

So happy you enjoyed the CGs and Noah and Julien!

:D <3 <3 <3


<3 <3


I love your game, it's really fun and exciting. I've played a lot off hours and I just can't get the twins Nor & Esha route. I hope you make a short walkthrough cause I'm really stuck on it. And I want  to play that route the most.

Keep up the good work.

Hi Aeolia! Thank you so much for your sweet comment<3 We will post a walkthrough a little later on, but if you'd really want to get the twins now, please drop us an email at and we will mail you the correct choices for their route:)

I've sent an email. Can't wait to play it. Thx a lot.

Replied, enjoy <3

Waauw it's great. I really enjoyed it, can't wait to play further.

So far, I've only managed to see the start of Julien and Noah's route - the others elude me, alas, but that will not hamper my attempts in courting the other available students of Mannequin Academy. They shall not escape my grasp; I will suss out the other scenes. 

I have, however, enjoyed what I've been able to experience so far (even though it was an incredibly difficult and raw scene, of course, you've managed to capture the tension very well!). It was quite visceral, and hard to read due to its nature. I cannot help but feel terrible for Aura. That is not treatment he, or anyone, deserves. 

In any case, I eagerly look forward at trying my hand in finding a way onto the other routes. Have a wonderful day, and thank you very much for the update!

Hi Mandarrin! Thank you so much for playing the update! We're really excited that you enjoyed it:) It was a difficult but necessary scene to write and draw. We will post a walkthrough a little later on in the comment section, but if you'd like to know the answers now, we can mail them to you. 

Have a wonderful day and thank you <3

I'm pleased to admit I've managed to get five out of six variations on my own, but Nor and Esha still seem to elude me. The twins; tsk tsk, I will do my best to figure it out, but I may have to take up the offer of a walkthrough soon. I am perfectly happy waiting until one is posted anyhow~ 

All of the scenes are different, and very interesting to see. Laurent's, especially. I don't want to get too ahead of my theories, but something tells me he could make for a good actor... 

Great job! That's very impressive:) We truly love reading all the theories and thoughts, so thank you for sharing them. Laurent's route seemed to be intriguing (and puzzling) for many!

"If you ever get close to my brother...

Me: Oh no. Baby Esha will be in danger on that route.

... he would kill you before i even manage to do it myself"

Me: 0.0

Well, maybe not.

I did this scene with everyone (except Laurent) and I loved every possibility. Looking forward to the rest. <3

Hi Carlane! Thank you so much for playing this update <3! 

Congratulation on unlocking 5 endings, that's very impressive! We hope you'll manage to get Laurent as well and share your opinion on it. 

It makes us super happy that you enjoyed all possibilities:))

I just finished Laurent's and was surprised. I want to know how it will get out of this XD

I love the way the scenes were narrated. You feel the protagonist's anguish. I had to pause a few times because I was afraid of a bad ending.

Good job, guys!

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Aww, thank you so much! <33 We're really glad you like it as well:)

Ya'll are killing me with that cliffhanger hhhhh. No one showed up for me so rip but anyway the scene is very very well written. I can't wait for the next update and for the game to be complete!

Hi Kotorikun! Thanks for playing<3 We hope you decide to try again and let us know whose route you're on:)


Oh I will definitely try until I get everyone. And I did! except for Nor & Esha lol. I can't seem to figure out how to get onto their route. Big :eyes: at Laurent though, intriguing guy. Keep up the good work. 

I love Aura so please take this as a token of my appreciation.


Nice job getting 5 different endings! We hope you'll manage to get the twins as well:)

And wow, the fanart! It's super beautiful, thank you so much. We feel touched that you like Aura as a character, we really wanted him to be a likeable character with his own personality. When we figure out a place to display fanart from our games, we'd love to put your lovely work there:)

Well i will definitely need a walkthrough, because i only managed to get Noah to show up and no matter what I choose nobody else shows up. I guess i need to ignore everyone, but the person you choose to romance? (it could that I'm just an idiot) Thats a really weird chice, if that's the case. It could be a bug i guess.

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Hi! Thanks for playing the update. Every route works fine, you just need to make the right choices!:) Try to think what the character you'd like to romance is like, the choices correspond to their personalities. Did you meet them during your specialty class? If not, perhaps you should;) Noah is the easiest route to get, but the rest should be pretty straightforward as well if you observe them and their reactions to your deeds. You definitely shouldn't ignore everyone, but most love interests (there are exceptions) wouldn't appreciate it if you flirted with or lusted after someone else. Good luck!

My heart was hammering the whole time I was reading. Part of me was like "Did I get the bad ending or something?" then Noah showed up and I was like "Oh thank God." I was so relieved he saved Aura then I was left with another cliffhanger which almost made me bang the keyboard. Good job, amazing work as always. Seriously SERIOUSLY can't wait for me! ^_^

Hi there! Thank you so much for playing and for enjoying it! It was an extremely difficult scene to write, so we're kind of glad it's done with. Have a great day <3!