Update 1.09

Update 1.09

Hi! We've added a demo version that you can try.


Mannequin Academy demo 458 MB
May 03, 2020

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thank you guys so much for uploading a demo! i've been following the project for a while, but i'm just not the kind of person who can put money down on a game without trying it first, especially ones still in development. after trying the demo, i was so pleased to see how good the writing and worldbuilding is. it's hard for me to take the omegaverse seriously, not as a concept but in its execution because of the kind of content it has generated. i was pleasantly surprised to see that the tone of the story and, most importantly, the desire and clarity of mind the protagonist has in wanting to be his own person and defy the system are executed very well (and extremely relatable).

i'll be buying right now. excellent work so far!


Hi yewyn! Thank you so much for trying out the demo and then deciding to play the entire game, it make us super happy that Mannequin Academy did not disappoint :) We are big fans of Omegaverse, the concept is very inspiring for us in various ways - it  creates so many possibilities!

Be sure to let us know how you like the rest of it!<3

Are you going to add Mac version? I told my bestie about your game and her laptop is Mac

We tried to make a Mac version but it didn't work:( Since we don't have any Mac to test the game on it's very difficult. 

Alright, I understand