Content update 1.11

Update 1.11

Hi everyone! We hope that you’ve been doing great.
Today, we're continuing the routes for Julien, Cami and Laurent :)
Let us know what you think, we live for your feedback ❤

new:  - additional 3000+ words  


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May 22, 2020

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can you just send me a link for the update i already emailed itch and trust they will just say contact the creator 

hi i cant down load it it says i need to buy the game but i already have the game help pleaase

here is the proof i bought it already 

If you go to your library you should be able to download it from there. Just click the arrow in the top right corner next to your name. But the download button at the top should lead you there as well.

i already have that the problem is it wont let me download the update 

The update is no separate link or file, it's already within the one big main game file :) So when you're in your library just click the red download button again (unless that doesn't work at all then I don't know, sorry.)

Are you using itchio's desktop application ? the app should automatically update the games you have bought through the site if you have them installed on your pc/laptop. 

didnt know that let me get that

i did it its says its up to date but its not to up to date 

here is the proof its not letting me down load it 


Mysterious pretty boy continues being mysterious and I thank him for his help??! <3

Absolutely loved Julien here too. Glad he doesn't take any shit from Oscar (who's well written too). You guys are good at conveying characters' feelings and setting the mood for the scenes. I can't help but feel bad for Cami too for everything that he's gone through apparently and he always looks so sad to me which just makes me want to hug him.


Hi again Kotorikun! Wow, your version of Laurent is stunning, we're super curious how would the rest look, too ^-^ It's so cool to see another interpretation of the Mannequin Academy cast!:D Not to mention that your art style is very beautiful.  <3 

We're really happy that you like how Laurent and Julien were portrayed! We've got so much in store for them;)

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Aw. I'll get to all of them at some point :> Thank you very much ;;

Julien was the one I was least interested in when I first started playing. Then when I actually got to pursuing him he's climbed that ladder up real fast. He looks like he needs a break from being such a busy bee so I hope he finds that chill or I hope he knows he's doing a good job as the student council president.


 I saw a man so beautiful I started crying?

Your artstyle is so lovely! 


hands you a tissue

That's nice to hear, thanks ;; <3

This is nitpicky, but I think the text would be slightly easier to read if the narration had the same alignment as the dialogue, instead of being pushed all the way to the left when there's no side portrait.

(1 edit)

Hi!  We had it done like this at first, but it looked awkward and actually took a lot of space that could be used for longer sentences (that's because the portraits are considerably bigger than in most VNs) :)

Huh, interesting. It feels awkward having to redirect my eyes to different starting points between lines, but maybe that's just me.

Me: *sees notification and smiles* then... *sees nothing new about Noah's route* Ugh... *cries*

Soon, soon! We want to write Noah as well *sob*


*sob* I really love your vn so much!

Thank you!! ;-;


Julien, just take Aura and run, my son! This route is making me nervous, Oscar is more disgusting than ever : v Larent's route also makes me anxious.

Just make these children happy.

Great update (and so fast)

Thank you! ; D


Thanks so much for playing!<3 


Welp! Laurent you are giving me the creeps ma dude. Julien and Cami my babies i love you guys ;))) Nufff what an update ;/ now i want more! like whats gonna happen now!!


Another one coming soooon<3 Ty for much for playing!