Content update 1.12

Update 1.12 

Hi everyone! This is a major update for Nor’s route. We hope you are excited to find out what’s going to happen between him and Aura! Let us know what you think in the comment section below ^.~
Warning for: sexual content

Newly added:
+4100 words!
New CGs

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May 31, 2020

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how much of the game is complete? also is there a demo I can try first?


Love it! I think I like Nor the best, he's the friendliest and most casual about the whole situation <3

Thanks so muuch! We have so much love for Nor as a character <3

hey i want to congratulate you this update actually works  so it mean verbally threatening itch is a useful tip  


Nor is wonderful and you can tell he knows how to deal with a situation like this like yes baby call me shortie all night. The soundtrack and the new CG is so pretty. I love his expression and the light behind him hits just right, bringing out the highlights in his hair.

quick obligatory art of a hot bich

#Sohot! Wonderful art yet again<3

Thanks so much for playing, Nor is always so amusing to write!


This update was hot, HOLISHIT! 

Nor is so considerate and tender with Aura! They are so cuuute together!! I can't! So much sweetness <3 

The narration of the scene was beautiful. Romantic, yet realistic.


Great update! Can't wait for the rest.


Thank you so much, Carlane! <33 Writing Nor was a lot of fun! He's like the most mature, chill guy we have for now;)