Visual Update 1.13

Update 1.13

Hi all, this time we have a visual update for you - finally Aura has a new character sprite! Yay. New main game screen as well:)

This is the third redrawing of Aura. His first version came to be in 2017, and the previous in 2018. It’s been a long time for this boy. 


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Jun 02, 2020

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Wow! I love Auras new sprite! So cute! Excited for the next update! Are you still working on coming of mage or are you finishing mannequin academy first? 

Hi Sheenabear! Thank you so much, there's a visual update for Noah coming up as well<3 

Both games are in the works, and we are planning an update for Coming of Mage as soon as we can. Since Aedian is the one who is writing and drawing both games, there is always too little time to take care of both properly T-T The good news is - Coming of Mage is already fully drawn up till the end, so all there's left is writing and scripting:) 

Hi! If I buy the current version, do I have to pay for each new update as well?

Hi Alex! Of course not, you'll get the game and all future updates included! Moreover, when the price of the game increases, you won't need to pay any more than you already did. At this stage of development, Mannequin Academy is discounted :) 

Awesome! Thanks so much, I'm fairly new to and wanted to make sure I understood.

OMGGGG like GOSH the updates! I cant!!! ahhhhh my god, i cant wait! for the next update!


Noah's visual update coming soon, and the continuation of routes as well ^-^ Stay tuned <33

Yess <3 <3 <3 


it’s really beautiful! Can’t wait for the update for the routes (especially Noah's) 

Thanks a lot! Noah's character sprite will also get a visual improvement in the next update - and the good news it, his route will be next ^-^

yay! Awesome, can't wait to read more of it!