Visual Update 1.15

Visual Update 1.15

In today’s update, new sprites for Cami and Laurent! 

(They look suspiciously good together…)

Expect Esha and Nor soon!

(Wish I could redraw everyone, but not sure if time will allow… >.<)


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Jun 06, 2020

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is there a poly route with the twins? :3 I love nor but I also like esha also how do I get julien's route? I keep messing up somewhere

Hi Sandpixie! Thank you for playing ^-^ You can check out the walkthrough if you have trouble with Julien, it's right here:

About the twins, we cannot reveal what the endings will be, but what we can say is that the twins will have at least three different routes/endings, if not more - so there's a lot of room for possibilities :) 

do you guys have a twitter or a blog that I can follow? :D am very interested to follow any updates or news


We mostly use Patreon ( for now, because honestly with writing and drawing Mannequin Academy at the same time, I don't have much time left for posts on social media and promotions:( Here's our twitter @AedianGlair, though :) Will try to be more active there as well. 

I love the way you do eyes! They're so pretty and intense! <3


Thank you sooo much! I really love drawing eyes, they can convey so many emotions <3  Which is why I constantly practice and change my style like crazy XD;

ooh~ They DO look good together 


wouldn’t be so bad if they end up together, just hope both of them would cherish the relationship