Content update 1.17

Content Update 1.17

Hi guys! Today, finally, we’re going back to Noah’s route. Are you excited? <3
Noah’s scene is really long, and will continue in the next update as well. 

- 2500+ words added to Noah’s route + CG!
- New CG of the orphanage (at the beginning of the game)
- A CG of Aura leaving the orphanage added (at the beginning of the game)
- Some spelling and grammar errors fixed


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Jun 17, 2020

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hi ^^ how is progress on noah since the last update? hope all is well


Hi! The update is live now, enjoy:)

haha yes I saw it a few hours after I commented,talk about timing!


My heart is broken :(

But I can respect Noah for keeping his composure so well. Probably his route is going to be about how his whole life has already been defined for him. It's sad, I wonder how they'll get over it.


I always get tense with these updates XD

Great update! <3 \o/


Hi Carlane! Thank you so so much for the comment and for following Mannequin Academy<3

Noah is one of my favorite routes to write, I really love him as a character.  There's so much to him, it will be a pleasure to tell his story :)

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I cried. I sort of expected it, but the end of the scene... I cried too. Do you get sad when you write sad scenes? Cause I'm bearly holding it together just reading it :'<


Absolutely. Certain aspects of this story are affecting me heavily every time I think about them. T-T


This update made me NOPE, Not going to that (spoiler). Likeeee nooo i aint a slave to my body, sry noooo. I swear i am done with Noah if he lets me go there >.<!  


Right! Let's see what happens:x

Im going to regret being in his route, wont i? x3 "ugly cries"


Seeing Aura cry like this MADE ME SCREAM ON THE INSIDE. I want to hold him, in fact let me hold both of them. Noah is so pleasing to the eyes because his hair and face look very soft and their embrace was very sweet. ngl I'd love to see the heat wing at some point.


Thank you sooo much! Writing Aura's sadness breaks my heart every time :[

I don't want to spoil anything, but there are quite a few locations that we have yet to discover. 

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so eh I'm playing new version so I'm checking out the new sprites for the twins and uh yes they look beautiful but there just doesn't seem to be much emotion in the eyes? it's like they're just staring, it's kinda creepy o.o nor's not bad but esha *shudders * btw that cg of aura and noah is stunning

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I guess you might have this impression because their sprites are very detailed in comparison to most of the others, and in 1280 x 720 resolution almost none of those details can be seen clearly:<

It's possible that I'll decide to rework some of their face expressions later on, but otherwise, I personally am super happy with how they came out^^

it could honestly just be because I'm having to work off of a crappy old laptop at the moment

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Noah: I can't, we can't think clearly, I don't want you to regret anything

Aura: FINE take me to <spoiler> when

Noah: *shocked pickachu face*

If you let him go there, Noah, I SWEAR TO GOD-

Haha XD


oh my goodness you guys work so quick :O

Doing my best !<3


Tooootally worth the wait, but aaaah! Noah plz stop Aura, don't let him gooooo. Stop overthinking stuff, you both love each other. Really, amazing work, you're so amazing and the CG is beautiful. Can't wait for more! (>.<)

Thank you soooo much! Doing my best to bring content as fast as I can ^-^

Thank you very much for your hard work! I'm too excited to see what will happen next!