Content update 1.18

Content Update 1.18

Hi guys! It’s Aedian. Noah’s BIG(!) update is finally here:) Thank you all so much for your patience!

It took a longish while to write, and things were happening in life that delayed it, but it’s here. <3

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us what you think! Did you manage to predict the events?;)

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- 3800+ words added to Noah’s route 
- new CG!


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Jul 03, 2020

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Okay, now I got tense! I didn't expect it to reach that point. THIS.ROUTE.WILL.BE.WILD.

Great update!

It will!:D We have so much stuff planned for those two ;D


Yeeeep, that ending was unexpected! I was hoping for the first bit so I'm glad we got a glimpse into the heat rooms situation, but man, Noah.... I love that he's surprised too lol Like he's tried so hard to hold back and then in the heat of the moment it's like fuck it and whoops. Now they're gonna have to deal with /that/.

Great to see you in the comment section again! <3 

Ah, Noah.  He might be perfect, but he is still an inexperienced alpha when it comes to *this*...



Aw. Baby at heart while looking cool and perfect!! I love that.

Right! He's endearing;D


I did NOT expect that. I mean I expected the first part but not the last bit. At all. Actually, I didn't even expect a Noah route, I thought it would be the others now - but I'm not complaining!

Thank you! Looking forward to what's gonna happen next on ALL routes, I love the characters!


Noah's scene was so long we decided to update it twice in a row, but we'll go back to Julien, Laurent and Cami now ^. - Thank you soo much!<3


well... shit


:x !


Okay... Hot damn, thank God Noah took Aura away, but damn I seriously loved the writing on this update, it's really great! But man that was fast, WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT?! 


Thank you so much, I was so insecure about the writing actually! 


it was very good

Big thanks and hugs!


As a writer myself I was really impressed by your writing style, can’t wait for more update!