Content update 1.19

Hi all! Today, we have something a lot of you were waiting for - the continuation of Julien’s route! :) 

The next update will either be a second part of Julien’s (with CG), or Cami’s. We’ll see. As always, please let us know what you think - we LOVE hearing your thoughts the most!

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- 2000+ words added to Julien’s route


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Jul 11, 2020

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I just want to see Julien let go of his wild side XD

It was wonderful, I look forward to the continuation <3

Thank you for the update! 

Oh yes, so fun to watch Julien go 'crazy' ;) !

Thank you so much for playing, really appreciate it <3


"I fail to see anyone worthy of respect here."


My surprising love for him is strongly growing. I love how caring he is when they get to his room. A prince.


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Julien is queen ;D

And the art, oh my gosh! So so beautiful... thank you<3 Your style is really eye-catching and unique. It always amazes us!

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we stan

Always a pleasure to draw these beauties <3


lawdy Julien is so good!!! i loved this update, so cute (': love him. and very much worth the wait. thanks for your hard work!

Thank you so much <3 !! We love Julien as well!


you guys work so quick like wow


Doing our best to bring updates every week, and if we can't, every two weeks :)

you guys and gb patch are far more consistent than most, I'm surprised every time