Content update 1.20

Content Update 1.20

Hi guys! In today’s update, we are continuing Julien’s route and adding a new character sprite for everyone’s favorite teacher, professor St.Clair! 

Let us know what you think and have a great day <3


  • 1200+ words added to Julien’s route
  • New character sprite for Artemis St. Clair

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"I'm with you."

^^^^^ That was just so, so sweet. They are wonderful together. When Julien was blushing in the CG I had to stop and appreciate it for a moment until I continued. 

Am looking forward for more Cami~

I love them together! Writing their relationship is a lot of fun, but then again, I like them all :)

Thanks for keeping in touch!

But who's your favorite? :eyes:


Hard to choose, they're all characters that I love for different (and similar) reasons. But if I were to pick one, just one... then it would probably be Nor!

That makes sense :) Ahh, that's interesting! I love hearing about those things.

Same here, we love reading what people think about the story and the characters! It's super exciting:)


I love it, I like Julien so much! He's beautiful, kind, protective, smart, considerate, hard worker, has strong morals. And while I thoroughly enjoy the Alpha-Omega dynamics, I think this is great too, since there's no question about him being driven by instinct.

I'm also now curious about the gown. Also to know if there's a reason why he works so much to the point he's always tired.

This is turning out to be such a beautiful complex story, I'm so happy I got this game!

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Thank you so much!<3 There's so much stuff to find out about Julien, but one is for certain - he really is a great guy :)


OMG OMG OMG OMG beautiful cg and the professor looks stunning!


Yayy! So happy that you like it:))