Content update 1.25 "Louis"

Hi dears!

This time we have both a visual and a content update for you. With the work we've been doing in the past month we've finished a major revision of the early story graphics and sprites. As a bonus goal we are now working on the city background that will be ready soon!


  • New character sprite for Louis
  • 900+ words (common for all routes)

Hope you enjoy it!<3


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78 days ago

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What do you mean by common for all routes?

That all routes were updated with the same content :)

Sooo we'll have a continuation from where some of them left off???

Yeah, all routes will have both unique and common elements, and each will continue where it left off.

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hey quick question do we have to do something to download each update like add a file? or does the game update itself naturally?

Hi! You need to download the game again to access each update, but you'll have all of your older saves :) 

ok thanks

No problem! Have fun playing:)