Content update 1.26 "Crawford"

Hi guys!

Today, we’re continuing all of the routes. There are unique as well as common elements for each. :)

As always, we hope you enjoy it - let us know your thoughts, it’s been a while since we heard from you!


  • 4000 new words in total, update for all routes
  • 8 new city backgrounds including variations


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Aug 16, 2020

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Hi, so quick question!

Right now how far along are the routes, and do you have any that are 100% complete that I could play? I've been holding out on playing it after I bought it (although I'm starting to get super tempted!!🤣) because I wanted 1 whole route at least finished or the game maybe. Could you please explain what's done so far and what's to come? That'd be so awesome! Luv ur work and thanks so much!

Hi Leo, the game is around 60-70% complete right now. We update every route so that no character is left out, they all have their fans that would be disappointed otherwise:) It's difficult to estimate when it'll finish as Aedian both writes and draws the entire story, so it's a lot of work for just one person. Thank you for purchasing it and let us know once you start playing!

Thanks so much for the reply! That's totally fine, I was just curious if there was any one route I could aim for and finish right now while you worked to finish the rest of the development. But that's ok. Oh and also, side note and not that big of a deal. My user is actually *Le*😅 Ik weird, but I had tried making my username *Lee*, but apparently that's overly used in every which way possible . Lol, anyways I def can't wait to play! The art is really beautiful and the story is def something I'm interested in.  As for the work, I bet! That's def a lot of work for one person. Right now I'm working on creating an interactive story in twine, but it takes up a tremendous amount of time and that's not too mention when i have to do corrections or i decide to change the story or decisions of the MC😩, and I like to draw, but I can't even imagine doing my own art as well. Anyways, have a good evening!

Oh and forgot to mention, regardless of that tho, ur doing an amazing job! So thank you, and keep up the wonderful work😊

I have no idea why I read your name as Leo, probably because of the 0 following the 2! So sorry!

And thank you for the sweet comment. I hope you'll get to play Mannequin Academy soon and share your thoughts:)

lol now I can only see my name as Leo now😆🤣🤣, and for sure I plan to play it soon!


I played this game for quite some time now and I must say that it easily became my favorite game on itch! I adore your artstyle so much, it's simply gorgeous to look at. Not to mention that in my first playtrough, I really had troubles who I should go first - I wanted to experience them all, I wanna do you first, or you...well yeah, so much for that. I think I spent about half a hour to figure out who I should go for.

As with all the other content you have provided so far for Mannequin Academy, this new updated is just breathtaking. I really love the way the story unfolds, and as a few others already mentioned, it's very good to see that Oscard and Raymond finally get in a bit of trouble. Altough I adore the feeling of being the underdog, it's good to see that they get (hopefully) their fair share soon enough! 

The beautiful mixture of kind of strange, kind of nice, kind of totally creepy school mixed with omegaverse and awesome writing and awesome art just keeps me hooked! Can't wait for the next update!! :D

Hi there! This is Aedian. Thank you so much for the awesome comment, it made my day:) 

Mannequin Academy is such an important project for me I'm excited and anxious any time anyone comments on it! I'm really glad people enjoy my writing and drawing style - both are only just developing as I've started around 2 years ago and have a lot of catching up to do.

Out of curiosity, who is your first romance pick?

Thanks again and I hope you'll continue to enjoy the way the story unfolds!:)


Thank you so much for making this awesome game and also taking your time to answer me! I honestly feel very honored to get in touch with you! :)

I'd never guessed that you only started 2 years ago - your artstyle is so beautiful, I am really amazed with it. Like, how you manage to frame emotions and feelings and everything in between is just so nice, and even with the parts you do not draw and you write instead, it's like a movie in my head taking place. Seriously, very great work. first romance to pick was actually a coin flip between Noah and Cami, since I couldn't decide who I should go first - and after annoying my partner with my whining for about half an hour, I threw the coin and it was Noah - followed by Cami next. The good thing is, I love them all so so much, the bad thing is I can't just focuse on one...hah, choices, choices! :)

Again thanks so much for taking your time!! :)

Thank you for taking your time to write a kind comment - it really, really helps my motivation to continue doing what I'm doing!

It's interesting to find out that you were choosing between Noah and Cami, they're so different (but hopefully both charming in their own ways;D).  It warms my heart to read that someone likes the main characters and has a hard time choosing between them. They all mean so much to me.

(2 edits) (+1)

And we return to the common route and its mysteries!

This school is looking more and more suspicious. I already have some theories XD

Noah and Nor are so protective. Love it <3

***I loved the music on Cami's route, it's perfect.

I look forward to the rest.
Great update!

(2 edits) (+1)

What do you think is happening in the academy? We'd love to hear your theory!

I'm happy you liked the music :) I also feel it fits amazingly well with Cami's ethereal nature :)

I was thinking that Mannequin Academy was actually a refined "marriage house", where in the end the omegas are sold or something.

I got that impression since the conversation with Cami about his ex roommate. 

~Well, we'll see XD


no sex scene with cami? don't crush my dreams like this

I hope the romantic mood was to your liking :) I'm pretty sure it's not the last close moment with Cami, can't say how sexy it's going to be.

(3 edits)

it was until there was no sex cg which I had been waiting quite some time for :/ the sudden skip to morning for each route was weird, like there's a bit of the story is missing. cami's is just tragic though, big let down. having cg's for noah and nor but then none for cami and julien just makes no sense


Does the professor know about Aura's mark? Is that why he singled him out? And OMG I totally went "Kyaa go Noah! Protect precious Aura!" when he stood up for Aura! *cries* Aaaaaah! Me is so thirsty for more!

(1 edit)

Haha, more is definitely on the way, including more charming Noah :)

kyaaa! Charm me with Noah! I’m already in love with him 😍


It's been a while, but I finally got caught up and must say - I have enjoyed the updates! The characters look beautiful as always, and the backgrounds just as much. I thought I may have heard a new composition here and there, but even if that was just my ears playing tricks, I cannot help but praise it any less. 

The most recent update is fascinating and I can't wait to see where it goes!

All the potential consequences have piqued my curiosity. The results of how prior events played out between the different characters are unique, and I am looking forward to how they continue! I can only imagine the differing outcomes; especially that of Noah's. Not only that, Oscar and Raymond finally seem to be in quite the spot of trouble, something I am a little thrilled over considering how they've been nothing but bullies so far. Hopefully, they will finally get what they are due.

I must admit, that Crawford fellow gives me a sense of unease. I can only wonder about his character. 

In any case, thank you for the wonderful updates so far! You guys have done a lot of amazing work in the last few months and I'm glad I've been able to see it progress. Keep up the lovely work, but make sure to take breaks too! Until next time~

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Your ears are spot on, we added several new tracks to the game. We're really glad that you're curious about the unfolding choices. We want each character route to feel unique and rewarding.

Prof. Crawford will reappear in the coming update, let's hope the negative impression about him doesn't prove right ;)

Thank you for another sweet comment ♡ I swear that it's everyone's responses that give us the energy to push beyond our limits...and some caffeine!